We Found Love

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(by Tess Mayer)

(by andrea ebener)

- by Annalisa Cattaneo on Flickr.

03400017 by robertstroll on Flickr.
I miss the days when I thought that growing up would be the greatest thing. Innocent statements: “I’ll be able to drive. Life will be easy. I could go wherever I want. My future’s set in stone.” That all crumbled: ”School is getting harder. I failed again. I miss those days. Maybe I am an idiot. When did the world become so evil? How did this happen? Where am I going?” That all crumbled. I no longer yearn for the years of experience. I no longer desire to see what the future holds. The loss of innocence. The realization. The contempt. The world that I had envisioned so idealistically has fallen apart in my hands. I wish I were able to take it back. I wish…


Curtains on freedom.

You’re getting older, and you’ll see that life isn’t like your fairy tales. The world is a cruel place. And you’ll learn that, even if it hurts.